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Join our Community of Farmers and Producers

We're just getting started! Here is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new way to sell your products and help grow the local food community. Think of Lively NeighborFood Market as a year-round Farmers' Market, but you don't need to sit with your products—that's up to us!

This unique consignment model empowers you, the producer. You retain ownership of your products and can set your prices. Our customers become your customers, and we take pride in representing your products with utmost care.

We aim to offer our customers the finest selection of locally sourced products. If you're a Michigan-based producer, we eagerly await your application to enrich our offerings!

How to apply to sell your products at NeighborFood

We welcome your application! All producer applications can be submitted online from this page. Simply fill out the form below, and your application will be considered as soon as possible. If applicable, be sure to upload an image of any pertinent licenses for your business.

Please click the button to download our Producer Guidelines to learn more about what it's like to sell through Lively NeighborFood Market.



Thanks for your interest in selling with Lively NeighborFood Market! We are a year-round, all-local Farmers' Market operating on consignment terms with our producers. Producers retain ownership of their goods, set the prices, and are paid out twice-monthly at 70% of the retail price.

We are actively reviewing applications and will reach out to you about the status of your application at our earliest convenience.

If you have a website, please paste your URL.

What are you interested in selling at NeighborFood Market?

What specific products are you hoping to sell?

Tell us about how you got started, why you do your work, your vision for the next five years, growth plans, et cetera. Why is NeighborFood Market a good fit for you?

Farmers' Markets, Stores, On-Farm, Online, etc.

Lively NeighborFood Market is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by producers. It is preferred that producers carry general liability insurance, but it is the responsibility of each producer to insure themselves to the level they feel is appropriate, and indicate their coverage below. If not insured, simply list "$0".

General Liability Coverage of:

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