Lively NeighborFood Market is Hiring. Here, a young woman starts her first day of work in Leelanau County

Lively NeighborFood Market is Hiring

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Assistant Manager & Market Clerks

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Are you interested in supporting the local food economy in Leelanau County? Apply to join the team at the Lively NeighborFood Market as we work to increase community access to local, healthy food, while supporting local farmers!

Lively NeighborFood Market is Hiring

The Lively NeighborFood Market is hiring people passionate about local food and our community to join as founding members of our team. In these roles, individuals will help establish a culture of support and appreciation for our neighboring farmers. Team members will also create a welcoming space for community members and visitors to mingle and appreciate the bounty of our region’s agriculture.

Job Descriptions
We are seeking multiple market clerks with shifts that can range from 12-18 hours per week, or more if desired. We are also seeking at least one assistant manager with availability to work at least 20 hours per week, with opportunities for full-time employment.

Clerk responsibilities will include:

  • Customer relations at the Point of Sale and throughout the store
  • Merchandising and store organization/cleanliness
  • Knowledge and appreciation for the food producers and products on the shelf, and the ability to convey that to customers

In addition, Assistant Manager responsibilities will include:

  • Management of store operations during scheduled shifts
  • Managing the opening and closing of the store
  • Oversight of deliveries from farms and producers, inventory and restocking

The Assistant Manager should have retail and management experience, and ideally some knowledge of produce and food management. This person should also have experience directing and maintaining inventory, produce mix and merchandising standards, and a working knowledge of point of sale systems and accurate cash handling procedures.

We expect all employees to:

  • Have a sincere appreciation and joy in other people, with an ability to maintain a calm demeanor under challenging circumstances
  • Bring a customer service orientation to help build a store culture that is warm and inviting to our guests
  • Take pride in being a product knowledge expert and communicating with guests about products
  • Assist in sharing the NeighborFood Market’s mission when possible

Compensation commensurate with experience, ranging from $16 – $20/ hour.

If interested, send a letter of interest describing relevant experience and availability to [email protected].

The Lively NeighborFood Market Manifesto

Here at the Lively NeighborFood Market, we believe in more than just selling food; we are about creating a vibrant community space where farmers and families come together to celebrate the rich tapestry of local agriculture. Located in the heart of Southwest Leelanau County, our mission is to revolutionize how our community interacts with the food they eat, the people who grow it, and the land it comes from.

Why Work at Lively NeighborFood Market?

  1. Be at the Center of Community Connection: Working with us means you’re not just an employee but an integral part of a dynamic community hub where every day brings new opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life. Forge friendships, share stories, and be part of the vibrant exchange of cultures and ideas at our market.
  2. Champion Local Farmers and Producers: Take pride in knowing that every item you handle comes from the fertile grounds of local farms. Our market helps keep the local food economy thriving by providing a platform for farmers to connect with the community directly, ensuring they receive fair compensation for their hard work and dedication.
  3. Promote Health and Sustainability: Join us in our journey to make Southwest Leelanau County a beacon of health and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to being an all-electric, solar-powered facility demonstrates our dedication to sustainability. By supporting our market, you contribute to a healthier planet and community.
  4. Experience the Joy of Growth: Just like the crops in the fields, every team member at Lively NeighborFood Market has the opportunity to grow. Whether interacting with customers, setting up displays, or coordinating events, you’ll find endless opportunities to learn and expand your horizons.
  5. Be Part of Our Family: We’re Jim and Kelly Lively, long-time residents and local food and farming advocates. When you join our team, you’re not just an employee but part of our family. We’re proud to involve our daughters in this venture and excited to welcome you into our growing community.

Embark on a Meaningful Career: Your work at the Lively NeighborFood Market is impactful. Every task you undertake contributes to building a sustainable, health-focused, and inclusive community. From the bustling market aisles to the quiet moments watching the sunset over the fields, your days will be filled with purpose and connection.

Join Us at the Lively NeighborFood Market! Stop by our location on M-72, just a short drive from Empire, and see why we are more than just a market—we’re a movement. Together, we’re growing connections, nurturing health, and fostering sustainability.

Watch Us Grow—Be Part of Something Big!