Open Lively NeighborFood Market

Rooted in Community Cultivating Connections

Get ready for a new neighborhood-based food hub for Southwest Leelanau County

Opening Early July!

A market where farmers and families can mingle amidst shelves of delicious, plentiful, locally grown food—a space not just for buying food but also for growing connections, nurturing health, and fostering sustainability. 

Lively NeighborFood Market

Our mission is to grow the local food economy right here in Southwest Leelanau County. We want to support and highlight a connection between the customer and the farmer and improve access to locally grown, healthy food.

Now Hiring!

Are you interested in supporting the local food economy in Leelanau County? Come join our team at the Lively NeighborFood Market as we work to increase community access to local, healthy food, while supporting local farmers!

Farm and Food Vendor Partners

We are partnering with as many neighboring farms and food vendors as possible, following our mission to work with our neighbors first. Look at the farms and food vendors already committed to selling their wares at Lively NeighborFood Market.

We are actively seeking to grow this list so that we can offer the best of Leelanau and Grand Traverse Counties at our store. Please apply here if you would like to join us as a vendor. Contact us or share our website if you know of other vendors who should be in the market!

Stop By and See Us!

Lively NeighborFood Market Map

Lively NeighborFood Market
3805 W Empire Hwy, Empire, MI 49630
(231) 994-9339